Pubblicato: 23/07/2023

EAD: a million thanks!

Giunko celebrates 1 million sold references thanks to EAD

6 months into the introduction of the environmental labeling, our labels have already reached 2.5 million views.

It has been over 6 months since the implementation of environmental labeling, and it is already time to take stock. Initially met with skepticism, digital options have quickly gained popularity in various markets both in Italy and abroad. Specifically, the wine and beverage, tobacco, and cosmetics industries have shown the greatest receptiveness to Giunko's digital solution, specialized in providing users with geolocated disposal information that is consistent with each municipality's waste collection rules.


Giunko's Digital Environmental Label (EAD) was the first of its kind to be launched more than 2 years ago, and it remains the only one capable of offering versatile geolocated environmental information. Depending on the needs, EAD is available through the barcode already present on the packaging, a dynamic QR code, a branded web app, or within the company's web page through the iframe provided by Giunko.


To date, Giunko's digital environmental label is present, in various forms, on over 1 million references, which have already recorded nearly 2.5 million views by consumers. "Unlike other solutions launched later on the market," highlights Noemi De Santis, PR Manager at Giunko, "EAD not only guarantees specialized know-how for communication of geolocated disposal information but also offers a level of customization that is almost tailor-made."


Once the most suitable technical solution has been chosen (barcode, QR code, web app, or iframe), manufacturers can provide each individual packaging with a virtual link to the product page. For each reference, it is possible to automatically insert environmentally friendly information aligned with the rules of each municipality, as well as ingredients and nutritional information, sustainability content, additional details about the product and/or the company, the logo, contact information, and even external links.

"The use of digital channels," declares Noemi De Santis, "is destined to become the standard for communicating environmental and nutritional information, which will become mandatory for wines starting in December 2023. We are at the dawn of a true revolution in the concept of the label, which will become increasingly informative and comprehensive for consumers. Thanks to technology, it is possible to obtain virtually endless digital content with minimal physical clutter. In the case of EAD, furthermore, the information is translated into 11 different languages. This represents a significant advantage for imported products or those destined for foreign markets."